Azusa Pacific University                                4/14/2017 - 9:31 PM
           2017 Bryan Clay Invitational - 4/13/2017 to 4/14/2017            
                    Hosted by: Azusa Pacific University                     
                               Cougar Stadium                               
Event 44  Women Triple Jump Invitational
 Invitational Section will have 3 prelim jumps, with                        
 9 athletes to final for 3 more attempts.                                   
 APU Stadium: # 14.17m  2008        Shani Marks, Nike                       
   BC Invite: % 14.17m  2008        Shani Marks, Nike                       
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind       
  1 Proctor, Shara               Adidas                  13.82m   1.5       
     13.70m(1.1) FOUL(2.0) 13.82m(1.5) 13.32m(0.6) 13.62m(1.0) 13.72m(2.2)  
  2 Black, Jazzelena             Unattached              13.20m   2.7       
     13.20m(2.7) 12.61m(1.3) FOUL(1.4) FOUL(2.4) 12.27m(1.6) 12.61m(0.7)    
  3 Hadnot, Jannell           SR New Mexico              13.06m   2.5       
     13.01m(1.5) 13.06m(2.5) 13.06m(1.3) 12.81m(1.5) FOUL      12.61m(0.8)  
  4 Biswal, Divya             SR Ottawa                  12.89m   1.0       
     12.89m(1.0) 12.55m(1.1) 11.84m(3.0) 12.44m(2.2) 12.72m(1.1) 12.82m(1.6)
  5 Marler, Aasha             SR Unattached              12.81m   1.2       
     12.80m(1.7) 12.41m(1.0) FOUL(1.0) FOUL(1.0) 12.81m(1.2) FOUL(1.0)      
  6 Stille, Julia             SR Toronto                 12.73m   2.2       
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      12.62m(1.3) FOUL      12.73m(2.2)        
  7 Delaunay, Pascale            Cheetah Inte            12.68m   1.8       
     12.46m(2.5) FOUL(2.5) 12.68m(1.8) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL             
  8 Evans, Samantha           SR Montana                 12.67m   2.0       
     12.56m(1.1) 12.67m(2.0) 12.57m(2.3) 12.32m(1.4) 12.22m(2.1) 12.63m(1.3)
  9 Harris, Terica            JR Marquette               12.30m   2.4       
     12.27m(1.4) 11.95m(2.2) FOUL      11.95m(1.4) 11.96m(1.4) 12.30m(2.4)  
 10 Darsney, Kerstin          SO Umass Lowell            12.23m   2.1       
     FOUL(2.1) 12.23m(2.1) 11.77m(1.8) 11.99m(2.2) FOUL(1.7) 11.98m(0.9)    
 11 Martin, Jazmine           SR North Texas             11.87m   1.6       
     11.43m(1.8) FOUL(2.0) FOUL      11.87m(1.6) FOUL      FOUL